Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Setting Fellow Conservatives Straight on Gambling

Dear America,
My conservative conpatriot at KY Progress has bought into liberal delusions about the evils of the Casino Industry. Tonight I attempt to set him straight.

The issue at hand starts with a story about a slot machine on some sordid riverboat casino. Apparently it was stuck in payout mode and several miscreants recieved an illigitimate payout, which cost Caesar's almost a half a million dollars.

Apparently Mr. KY Progress believes depriving shareholders their rightful dividends is OK. He says:

"Best letter to the editor of the day from Conrad Reynolds of Louisville. Followed by some BBB drone suggesting that those stealing from casinos should obey the 8th commandment.

I thought that was funny."

Some chicken-&#!@ anonymous liberal spews forth:
Anonymous said...

So do you equate running a gambling establishment with being a thief? Is that why you thought it was funny?

7:34 PM

Kentucky Progress said...

Yeah, close enough. Casinos are fine entertainment for people with money to burn, I guess. But the main function of a casino is to prey on people who think they might win when the odds are actually stacked hopelessly against them. For people who operate like that to be surprised when they are taken advantage of themselves is surprising. I find that funny.

7:54 PM

At which time, I cannot let this liberal's libelous invective preclude me from reminding him what true conservative values are all about. So I post:
You liberals won't be happy until you become everyone's nanny! Here on the western end of the Kentucky, the Socialist Blagojevich taxes our casinos at a rate higher than any in the nation. When the casinos needed permits to provide those that wanted to work with good construction jobs building hotels, the Socialist Blagojevich stalled the process with beauracratic red tape, taking months to fill key positions on the gaming board. Which like a good Democrat, he filled with partisans, but THEIR attorney general is fine with that!

Casinos provide a product, just like Kentucky's tobacco farmers, that may be dangerous if used in excess, but should be available to all that love liberty. If I choose to bet my hard earned money on the outcome of some random process which I know is less than 50% how is that any different than investing on some new businesses that statistically will fail at a rate of 80%? I have not seen you rail against the evils of investing in new businesses. Remember, when gambling is outlawed only the outlaws will have gambling.

Most important of all, casinos don't hire drug addicts, even the executives pee into cups, they don't hire ex-criminals, they don't hire illegal immigrants, and they don't hire pods*. They never ask for government bailouts like the pension-burdened airline or auto industry. They suffer from a yoke of government regulation far greater than what Ronald Reagan deemed necessary for the Savings and Loan industry, which was in charge of people's savings for goodness sake. Casinos are merely collectors of what Dave Ramsey call's the "stupid tax" except the stupid tax that casinos collect actually goes into the public coffers where it can be doled out to our profitable corporate citizens that are in need of subsidies. Everybody wins.

Your welcome America,

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

*pods, of course, are the inhuman creatures who work for the non-"living wage," currently making $5.15 an hour, for whatever service that is so useless as to be worth only $5.15/hr.

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