Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some Notable Posts in Other Blogs

Dear America,
Yesterday Shelley The Republican writer Tristan J. Shuddery, A True Conservative Hero, had a wonderful expose of Martin Luther King's Republican roots, as presented by the National Black Republicans Association. The article mentioned however that he went to Memphis to support striking santitation workers. I posted the following comment seeking clarification:

As always I enjoyed your conservative wisdom with this article, however I do wish you would clarify one thing. If MLK was in Memphis to “to support striking sanitation workers”, wouldn’t that put him in league with a labor union, which we all know are backed by soulless Communists?

I cannot think of any Republican who would not tell workers that if they didn’t like the pay they were getting they should just get another job.

For Liberals out there reading, you probably need a history lesson:
Since the dawn of time until the beginning of the 20th century, employers were free to use any means necessary to prevent their employees from obstructing their pursuit of capitalism. Then Communist infiltrators started forming labor unions and convincing employees they should have some say in the way they were treated and paid, instead of finding another job where their “self-actualization might be realized”. Democ-rats, of course, just saw fundraising opportunities for their Godless platform and candidates by aligning themselves with these haters of Capitalism.

I certainly do not mean to contradict you Tristan. Our ‘party of inclusion’ has no place for dissidents, but others might have noticed this seeming contradiction as well, and we all know what the devil can do with a little bit of doubt, especially in the simple minded head of a Liberal. So please clarify that point for them.

Once again, thanks for all your good work.

Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Tristan graciously replied and all was clear.

In another blog, my favorite commentor on Kentucky Politics (who doesn't suck like Mark Nickolas), KY Progress, had a post about the liberals pandering to the weaker sex for votes. This of course brings the liberals slithering out of the woodwork, with some anonymous liberal cowardshrilly whining:
The fact is 9 Republican legislators believe that women do not deserve equal pay for equal work.

That is wrong!!
Cry me a river. Luckily a fellow conservative nkWiseOne straightens them out:
Here is another way of looking at it anon 6:37. A person (man or woman), negotiates with an employer for an hourly rate. There is an agreement between them. It goes as follows:

"You offer me X for every hour I work. I accept X."


If you as an employee find X to be unacceptable, then don't accept the job. Again simple.

The employee is trying to get as much as possible, in theory. The employer is trying to pay as little as possible. Come to an agreement, and there it is.

Now, why do women get paid less? I don't know. Furthermore, I'm not sure I care. If they want to be paid as much or more than the guy next to her, then she should demand it. If she can't get it, she should take her skills elsewhere.

KY Progress can barely explain "the best way to hurt poor people and women is to mandate their wages", before another liberal troll fed-up spews the following dadist nonsense:
why shouldn't women get equal wages... bad economics for who the ceo's that cant justify their salaries
Thats when I came in for the great liberal smackdown:
You are absolutely correct, nkWiseOne and KY Progress. Employers are already burdened with having to pay minorities the same as white people or Jews and Mormons the same as Christians for fear of bringing the wrath of Democrat-supporting trial lawyers.

Until the day men start having babies and taking a federally mandated 90 day vacation everytime they squeeze one out, this legislation is unneccesary. You just can't depend on women like you can men for this specific reason and that is why they get paid more. They are actually working on the job longer, not running off at 5 oclock to get to soccer practice.

And Fed-up06, CEO's are hired in pretty much the same way that nkWiseOne outlined. If the board members, democratically elected by a companies shareholders, don't think they are worth it, they just find another CEO. It is because most CEOs, being Republican and hence not looking for a handout, do not sell themselves short, like the average pod who settles for a minimum wage job, that they make big piles of cash.

For setting these poor-hurting liberals straight, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

PS. And Liberals...How about you all stop wasting my time and take an economics class? If you need a reason to step on a college campus, take a theatre class so you can hook up with sodomites for your devient sex orgies, whatever it takes to insprire you to learn some Econ 101.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Klinton made Chris Wallace his Bitch or How I Got Disappointed by Fox News for the First Time

Dear America,
I have never been ashamed of Fox News and love their unslanted take on the news. It is so refreshing to get news that is not being reported by impoverished newspaper reporters looking for a government handout. You can not really fault the press really, given that journalists are really just a college degree from slinging frys at some fast food joint. Few have the substantial investment portfolios that will give them any significant buy-in to the proper ideals about how the government should be run.

But FOX has tried to remedy this and does a real good job of it. That is until last Sunday. Supposedly "seasoned" journalist Chris Wallace had his ass handed to him on a plate by the Enemy of All that is Good and Decent, former (thankfully) president Bill Clinton. Clinton displayed the same rage he probably displayed when he ordered the hits on those people he had killed, which some liberals dispute.

Bill Orielly or Shawn Hannity wouldn't have let that happen. Our Bill would have simply just cut the microphone of THEIR Bill. Problem solved, liberal spew suspended. But Chris just let himself get steamrolled. Klinton even says several times that he was a failure and Wallace failed to run with THAT. If Wallace can't handle being intimidated by this misogynist "Cut and Runner" how can we expect him to stand up to other liberals who don't have the specter of being a convicted perjurist hanging over their heads?

Really, if you would lie to a grand jury looking into your financial dealings about cheating on your wife, you would lie about anything. That is what I would have said. But I am not Chris Wallace, and thankfully Chris Wallace is not Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire, because that would make me a pussy.

Fox News, show this weak knee-ed whiner to the door.

For pleading your case America, Your Welcome. Anytime.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sorry America, I am Beset with the Plague of CTS!

Dear America,
Please attribute my recent dirth of posts to the liberal plague of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I can not find much to indicate it from his Wikipedia entry but I am almost positive that the qwerty keyboard must have been the work of communists. But there is a certain guilt by association of its adoption by the subversive socialist fifth element that became the press beginning in the first part of the Twentieth Century. So lets look a little deeper.

Christopher Sholes, Samuel W. Soule, and Carlos Glidden patented the QWERTY keyboard. Obviously of Eastern European origin or descent, just like the Communists! When the leftists figured how much easier it would be for the liberal media of the day to churn out more liberal lies, they knew they were on to something. They sold their patent to fellow travelers, Densmore and Yost, who would later use their influence to infiltrate what amounted for a good part of our military-industrial complex of the day, the Remington Arms Company.

Tell me gentle readers, why would a bunch of typewriter makers of Eastern European descent have an interest in a rifle company? A rifle company that armed the American military for most of it's subsequent conflicts. It doesn't make sense then and it doesn't make sense now! Believe me, they had another agenda. Only now, more than a century later, is this sinister plot coming to fruition.

I suspect one of them foretold the eventual adoption of the necessity of keyboarding, probably in some sick satanic ritual, and they contrived to make it the most tedious way to input some words into a machine as possible. That is how liberals come up with most of their so called ideas.

But perhaps the worst thing about it was how it gets invented here in America and then gets bastardized by every conceivable interest group until, instead of the world having a unified tool that should have stayed in English, like science and air traffic control, it is no longer recognizable or useful for most of the world.

This was a perfect example of design by committee. The Central Committee no doubt. Thankfully, the latest generation of voice recognition software is getting better with the drawls. We won't need the socialists keyboards any more!

For exposing the Qwerty keyboard for the communist plot it was, your welcome America.

Your Humble servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Monday, September 11, 2006

Liberal Treachery

Kentucky Progress has once again exposed some liberal treachery in a wonderful post entitled "Herald Leader Hires Michael Moore".

The following is a comment on the article which I posted in the comments section of KY Progress' post:

The silly liberals even say "Yet anyone who questions or criticizes Bush's decisions is branded an appeaser of fascists" as if they were not actually appeasing fascists. Just because they say it isn't so, does not mean it isn't so.

They failed to mention how Bush's policies are creating jobs in the Defense industries which were sinking fast under the Clinton Administration. I'm suprised that they didn't bring up how every time Clinton tried to do something abut OBL, we saw it then for sex scandal diversion it was and that he didn't really care about protecting the country he was sworn to protect (as if an oath means anything to a liberal), he was just wagging the dog. Wagging it on a blue dress as it turns out, just like the devil wore in that old rock song. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Because the focus of this diversion just so happened to be the guy who actually pulled off the attacks, the ivory tower liberal historians will probably remember Clinton as the president who tried to stop OBL, not the one who actually invaded Iraq to kill him.

As to Bush making us less free, let me quote a recent letter writer to the Paducah Sun who stated the conservative viewpoint rather nicely:

“In America, if you are not doing anything wrong, you should not complain about what our government is doing to keep you safe from terrorists. You are not losing a freedom; you are more safe, and gain freedom from terrorists.”

We are not losing freedom, we are gaining freedom from terrorists. Now if only we could outlaw the Democratic party, we could gain freedom from the terrorists deriving comfort from them getting elected. Oh, that will be the day!

For exposing said Liberal Treachory, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Apologies

Dear America,

I just wanted to say that I am sorry, I have been neglecting you this week. It all started out with that American socialist holiday that was forced upon us, recognizing “the worker” (where have we heard that kind of talk before?), which really only breeds the deadly sin of sloth. Labor day just says to the terrorists “Hey, We are gonna have a holiday that celebrates what we are supposed to be doing every day of the too-short-already work week”. To paraphrase Hollywood degenerate Chris Rock (in LiberalSpeak) “That is what your supposed to do, you Edipusly-incestuous Democrat. What would you desire as a reward? A delectable baked shortbread, perhaps?”*

Labor day is an unfounded mandate forced upon us by Democrats, who are merely throwing a bone to their non-welfare-collecting “constituents” who lack the gumption to own their own businesses and be Republicans or save up their personal days when they want a three day weekend. No they want the government to mandate when they can get paid for doing nothing. In case you didn’t catch the earlier innuendo, any holiday celebrating “the worker” can only be Communistic in its origins.

Labor day is a holdover from before McCarthy exposed all the Communists who had infiltrated our government. These Communist infiltrators from all the way back to the Cleveland administration were the ones who first thrust this abomination upon us. It serves the same purpose as the Communist Holiday “May Day” on May First, but was changed to a date preferred by a specific secret organization to a day in September, probably to hide it’s Communistic Origins.

This organization was none other than the Knights of Labor( One look at their symbol and you can immediately notice its similarity to the Satanic Pentagram. Another clue that they were bad news is that they automatically excluded bankers, lawyers, and stockholders because they were considered “unproductive members of society”, instead of members of the “ownership society”.

If the Communist who live among us must force the burden of this so called “holiday” on the rest of us to bear, perhaps they should foot the bill for the lost worker productivity, the lack of government services, and the barbequed hot dog induced obesity that all of the “unproductive members of society” have to endure once a year for their cause. That would shut them up.

For smacking down the Communistic supporters of Labor Day, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,

Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

* Mr. Rock would probably say something like “That’s what the hell your supposed to do, m0th3rfu(ker. You want a cookie or something?” but I didn’t want to quote that to keep this blog family-friendly.