Monday, December 18, 2006

In Defence of Religious Persecution

Dear America,
A story that was on the Drudge report revealed how we as a culture are not very sensitive to the feelings of others. Sometimes this gets us into trouble as we travel to distant lands. This story was about a stewardess that was not allowed to take her Bible with her when her plane flys to our good dear friends in Saudi Arabia. She is now claiming religious discrimination by her employer BMI.

Besides the typical conservative refrain of "if you don't like your working conditions find another job" argument I would usually use in this situation, I would also add that her employers are merely looking our for her best interest. It's not like she is being forbidden to take a Bible into California, like something the ACLU would want some judicial activist to legislate from the bench. This is a separate sovereign nation that has it's own laws and ideas. One of these ideas it that they would want to cut her head off if she were allowed to just do "whatever feels good".

If the Saudi's would cut her head off, it would lead to a rather embarrassing position for the US and her greatest ally in the middle east. The liberal media would most likely ignore it because she was a Christian, unless possibly she was a really hot white chick. But considering for the sake of argument she is dog ugly and the liberal media ignores her story for something more "movie of the weekish", word about this incident would eventually spread, probably thanks to the conservative blogosphere, and the average man on the street hears about it. They would be enraged.

Then we would have diplomatic difficulties for our great ally Saudi Arabia, which would be most unfortunate. After all, Saudi Arabia has helped us so much in our war on terror and our oil shortages. They quietly "render" some of our most heinous terrorists and even execute some, sparing us the necessity of having to question them ourselves. The Saudi's are our friends and we should not put them in a position of having to behead one of our (or Britain's) citizens for being an infedel trying to corrupt their Islamic state with nonKoranic literature.

Like one of them said many years ago when they were throwing the civilized world back into the dark ages burning the Library of Alexandria to the ground, "If it is not in the Koran it is unnecessary, and if it is in the Koran it is repetitious".

You see America, the Saudi's are in many ways a lot like California liberals. While Saudi's do not share the California liberal's love of narcotics and alchohol, they both view the Bible and pork to be evil, and women to be sex objects that only exist to satisfy men's sexual urges.

This is what they believe, and we should respect that, like we do those silly Californians, as long as they, unlike the radical homosexual agenda, do not try to force their lifestyle onto us, which they clearly do not want to do or otherwise they would be funding those MADrASSas in America. But they aren't, and not interfering in our ally's internal affairs is the least we can do, especially considering the eternity in hell they are facing for their "religious convictions", which the persecuted stewardess obviously won't have to worry about.

It's probably just as well. There are no taxicabs or convenience stores in heaven. What would they then do?

For sticking up for our Allies in the Global War on Terrorism, your welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire