Wednesday, August 08, 2007

JunkScience.Com: America's Defender Investigating Liberal Distortions Overall

Dear America,
There was a discussion over at Kentucky Progress about's offer of $100,000 for definitive proof that global warming is manmade. I kind of think its obviously just a publicity stunt and a ploy because only liberals believe people cause global warming, and liberals hate money. It's like offering dog shit to a normal person, it won't be received very well. So I did some research and offered my own opinion of JunkScience.Com: is truly a fair and balanced source, unfettered by the dehabilitating mental disease of Liberalism.

I only need as proof all of their efforts to "debunk" the debunker:
Steve Milloy, shill

How Big Tobacco Helped Create "the Junkman"

In this article the silly libs get all bent out of shape for Milloy getting all Coulteresque on one of their favorite liars/wealth redistributionists. (my pet name for so-called America hating environmentalists)

Some crazy Mooney has written a book trying to debunk him and other good conservative scientists, or "Truth-Tellers" as like I like to call them.

Some liberal clings to the notion that Rachel Carson was not a communist trying to destroy our way of life and give us malaria as part of some secret WHO population control program.

Slate is even attacking the Mutual Fund (Free Enterprise Action Fund) Milloy runs.

I say we show those stinking liberals we will not be fooled and invest all of the (hopefully privatized Social Security) money we can into the Free Enterprise Action Fund where we can fight liberal lies and get rich doing it, all the while laughing while the solar cycle starts to cool and we won't have won't have hurricanes anymore, or whatever was going to happen anyway regardless of human intervention.
So America, please join me in welcoming the addition of JunkScience.Com as the newest member of the much coveted "Us" list. And for exposing you to this much needed source of liberal debunkerism, you are welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire