Wednesday, August 08, 2007

JunkScience.Com: America's Defender Investigating Liberal Distortions Overall

Dear America,
There was a discussion over at Kentucky Progress about's offer of $100,000 for definitive proof that global warming is manmade. I kind of think its obviously just a publicity stunt and a ploy because only liberals believe people cause global warming, and liberals hate money. It's like offering dog shit to a normal person, it won't be received very well. So I did some research and offered my own opinion of JunkScience.Com: is truly a fair and balanced source, unfettered by the dehabilitating mental disease of Liberalism.

I only need as proof all of their efforts to "debunk" the debunker:
Steve Milloy, shill

How Big Tobacco Helped Create "the Junkman"

In this article the silly libs get all bent out of shape for Milloy getting all Coulteresque on one of their favorite liars/wealth redistributionists. (my pet name for so-called America hating environmentalists)

Some crazy Mooney has written a book trying to debunk him and other good conservative scientists, or "Truth-Tellers" as like I like to call them.

Some liberal clings to the notion that Rachel Carson was not a communist trying to destroy our way of life and give us malaria as part of some secret WHO population control program.

Slate is even attacking the Mutual Fund (Free Enterprise Action Fund) Milloy runs.

I say we show those stinking liberals we will not be fooled and invest all of the (hopefully privatized Social Security) money we can into the Free Enterprise Action Fund where we can fight liberal lies and get rich doing it, all the while laughing while the solar cycle starts to cool and we won't have won't have hurricanes anymore, or whatever was going to happen anyway regardless of human intervention.
So America, please join me in welcoming the addition of JunkScience.Com as the newest member of the much coveted "Us" list. And for exposing you to this much needed source of liberal debunkerism, you are welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire


Ed Darrell said...

This is parody, right?

Rob. R. Baron said...

The truth hurts doesn't it you Rachel Carson apologist?

But you don't have to take my word for it:
Former Secretary of Agriculture, Ezra Taft Benson, on "why a spinster with no children was so concerned about genetics?" His answer: Carson was "probably a Communist". He was a member of the cabinet, so he has access to information the average citizen doesn't, just like our president does now on all those terrorists at Gitmo.

Rachel Carson is responsible for more deaths than tobacco, alcohol and drugs combined each year. 800,000 annually.

I found this even more disturbing than the Clinton Death List. It is the The Rachel Carson Death Toll. How can you read that and not see that she was a tried and true Red Diaper Doper baby?

One commenter on this post was so scared of reprisals from eco-terrorists that they refused to leave their name but they did have this truth to speak to power: "A believer in racism, and communism, Carson has the blood of millions of people on her hands put there under the guise of helping what? a bunch of mosquitos that can be deadly without.......exactly what she argued for in one of her factless, error laced books?" Like lady MacBeth, she will never be able to wash all of that from her hands.

Here a writer expresses Rob R. Baron's opinion on the matter better than Rob R. Baron himself, and that is quite an accomplishment: "Miss Rachel Carson's reference to the selfishness of insecticide manufacturers probably reflects her Communist sympathies, like a lot of our writers these days. We can live without birds and animals, but, as the current market slump shows, we cannot live without business. As for insects, isn't it just like a woman to be scared to death of a few little bugs! As long as we have the H-bomb everything will be O.K. P.S. She's probably a peace-nut too." Except I would never call a liberal woman a "Miss", everybody knows they don't shave their legs, which in my mind is a deal killer as far as 'Miss' is concerned.

Pulitzer Prize winning author Tina Rosenburg says of her “DDT killed bald eagles because of its persistence in the environment. Silent Spring is now killing African children because of its persistence in the public mind.”

So go ahead and revise history to suit your liberal outlook, but don't try to dismiss my logic and reason with your emotional arguments about needing to save animals at the expense of people.

I would normally give you a pass just this once because you are probably the product of ivory tower liberal indoctrination from a university, but you had to go around besmirching the good name of Millard Fillmore. Not just happy with assassinating the character of Republicans, you liberals have to go back and attack Whigs and KnowNothings, so much for liberal 'tolerance'.

I think future historians will look back upon the first two hundred and fifty years of this country, and they will say about Millard Fillmore, "He was as effective a president as George W. Bush". And that alone makes him a great man indeed.

Well, you have gone and done it. Just as I welcomed to the list of "Us", YOU Mr. Bathtub have now earned a place on our dreaded "THEM" list. I hope you are happy.

May God have mercy on your hellbound liberal soul. Say Hello to "that Rachel person" when you get there.

May Hannity be praised and Colmes be damned!

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Anonymous said...

sorry folks, but is exactly that, dumbasses whiner's who think that 1+1+ 9. morons. lol. yeah ok bitch about liberalism or whatever, but regardless of political stance, the truth is the truth. if you can't recognize it, suck it then. heh