Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Mormonism: Apostate Abomination Worse than Homosexuality?

Dear America,
Grimsaburger(Suspected Liberal Sympathizer), my pet liberal, posted on her blog a complaint about the workers next door blasting Rush Limbaugh. Most reasonable people would be grateful. She was not, I can only infer from that that this must be her time of the month. She claimed that Rush, or someone, was "bitching about Mormons". I did not hear the show described but tried to correct her opinion about it anyway.
I for one, would be glad to listen to Rush bitch about the Mormons. Its about time if you ask me. You know anybody can go off against gay people (or Democrats). They're a bunch of wussy sissies. It's not like they fight back in anyway beyond barbing criticism of what you are wearing.

But nobody hardly ever says anything about the Mormons, who fundamentally commit scriptural abominations and are probably where gays got the original inspiration for "redefining marriage". Their apostasy is far more abominable than any dirty man sex. Yet we still allow THEM to get married and raise and indoctrinate kids into their sorry, hellbound, wicked lifestyle.

Anyone who would want more than one wife has got to be a little off in the head anyway. Michael Savage ought to write a book about Mormonism being a Mental Disorder.
For keeping ever diligent against the mounting Mormon scourge, you are welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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