Wednesday, November 08, 2006

America is Fixing to Go to The Woodshed, and Its Going to Pick its Own Hickory Switch on It's Way!

or WTF??? I Turn My Back for a Minute and Look What You've Done!

Dear America,
I take a little time off of blogging to let my typing hands recover and look what happens. You completely lose your way. I suppose I only have myself to blame, but I choose not to. THIS IS YOUR FAULT AMERICA!

You really screwed the pooch this time and not in a Rick Santorum kind of way. Our great leader told you repeatedly that a vote for Democrats was a vote for the terrorists. But did you listen? No, you went ahead and gave them control of the House of Republicans. Nice going. Now they are going to raise our taxes so they can give terrorists welfare. But you don't have to take my word for it, America. Here are a few others:

From the Courier-Journal:

This is a message for John Yarmuth. If you try to take away our tax cuts and engage (with your fellow Democrats) in a "cut-and-run" strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan, you will be another one-term wonder like Mike Ward.

Do not show more loyalty to Nancy Pelosi than to the people of Louisville or you will hear about it in 2008.

Also, if what the Democrats are proposing sees the light of day, Louisville could end up like any major city in Israel (with constant battles with terrorism) because the people of this district voted for a candidate that was endorsed by al-Qaida. Beware.


… I hope the people of Louisville and the staff at The Courier-Journal are happy with an anti-family, anti-Christian, pro-abortion, anti-gun socialist in Congress, because that's what they've chosen.


To put a positive spin on the race: Anne Northup deserves a break from the rat race in Washington. John Yarmuth gets to try on the new lifestyle of having a real job.

Let's give this golfer and silent partner a chance. Those of you who voted for him: Please don't lower your standards now; watch him dabble with our future….


Yes, bring the troops home because we all want this war to come to our Lexus SUV's in our driveways and kill our no good redneck children, right? That's how you nuts all voted. And minimum wage being raised means that the educated working people will have to pay for it. Healthcare for everyone? Nice thought, but I don't want to pay for someone else's! I have my own problems and I can't afford good insurance, but I do not ask others to pay!


With the election of John Yarmuth, we in the 3rd District are the greatest losers. ... Ted Kennedy has another pawn, and Osama bin Laden has another ally.


After watching Anne Northup concede to her opponent, two things come to mind.

First, I should start budgeting money to stock up on ammunition for protection once the terrorists decide to move operations from the Middle East to the United States.

Second, with the apparent take over by Democrats of our government, I can only say, God help us.

Gary Billings Sr.

If [Yarmouth] votes to bring the troops home from Iraq too soon, that means we will have to contend with the terrorists somewhere else. Unfortunately, that means on U.S. soil.

If he tries to repeal President Bush's tax cuts, that means taxes will be raised. If he has his way with the health care system, we will have yet another socialist program and it will cost taxpayers billions, and it will raise our taxes. With taxes raised, that means those "evil" big businesses, who employ thousands of Americans, will only raise their prices and cut jobs. With higher taxes, interest rates will increase and the housing "bubble" will really burst. The prosperity this country currently enjoys is partly a result of Bush's tax cuts.

... I do agree with Yarmuth on his stance on immigration. We need to make sure that people who enter the U.S. do so legally, that way terrorists will not use this weakness. I hope he will have a backbone to stand against his party if President Bush comes up with a good plan.

Jeff Gosnell

See, America? We have worked so hard for the last 30 years convincing you that Democrats are evil and what do you do? Vote in a bunch of Democrats. You might as well go down to the precinct in Hell and vote for the Devil. Lets see how happy you are about this election once your increased tax money starts getting sent to buy terrorists plane tickets to come over here and have suicide missions. THAT IS THE DEMOCRAT PLAN!!! Buy all the terrorist airline tickets so they can come over here and blow themselves up in our driveways. That is how the Democrats are going to "eliminate terrorists."

America, you have been a very bad democracy. You had better start to shape up or maybe we need to rethink this whole suffrage thing, and give the right to vote back to landowning men whose vote won't be bought with higher minimum wages and universal health care. I can barely stand to look at you for this terrible betrayal so this is all I'm going to write for now.

But don't think for a minute I am through with you, America, I will not spare you my rod. One day you will thank me for this. And when that time comes, America, You're Welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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