Monday, November 20, 2006

The Enemy is US

Dear America,
Some more letter to the editor writers in the Courier-Journal have come out in agreement with me on not letting just anybody vote anymore. They, like me, also believe that perhaps the responsibility of electing our leaders should not be left to people who would elect Democrats. Here is what they have to say:

Philistines rule

If an untainted person with the integrity, the accomplishments, the tangible hard dollars delivered to this city and the genuine class of an Anne Northup cannot earn the endorsement of your paper, we are clearly in the hands of the Philistines.

The philosopher Pogo must have been speaking to this city when he observed: "We has met the enemy and they is us."

Northup is gone. Crank up your keyboards and begin to camouflage Hillary Clinton as a reincarnation of Mother Theresa.

Woe be to any Republican running for office from this city. Their chances for election would be as remote as would be an endorsement for a cigarette at a cancer meeting.

W. T. McLAUGHsaLotNot


Pelosi's values

We, the people of Kentuckiana by our voting actions (or inactions) have succeeded in bringing Nancy Pelosi and her secular-progressive, San Francisco values to our area of the country.

This lady has a record of promoting the killing of innocent children, taxing all people who work in order to pay those who do not, is ignorant of the need to protect ourselves from foreign terrorists and demonstrates absolute disdain for our military families, our families and our democratic institutions.

Now, she is third in line for the presidency of our country.

I hope we are all happy. We and only we are responsible for our actions. We have met the enemy and it is us.

E. W. Hoser

LaGrange, Ky.

Mr. Hoser's letter was particularly enlightening. I hadn't thought about how when a Speaker of the House gets elected, their values are immediately thrust upon the rest of the nation or at least Kentucky. But I guess that is how we got exemptions for drinking on Sunday within racetracks and convention centers - that had to be Tip ONeal's doing. I also never imagined that someone who gets elected to Congress and then becomes the first woman ever elected to be Speaker of the House would "demonstrate absolute disdain" for "our democratic institutions" but she is a liberal and from San Fransisco so it could be expected.

But this is a continuing theme among conservative thinkers everywhere. Here's one from the Mongomery Advertisor.

Pogo right about real enemy's identity

Pogo, the main character in the long-ago comic strip by the same name, once said, "We have met the enemy and he is us." Sometimes it appears that the worst enemy of America's war against terrorism is "us."

We broadcast to the terrorists that a significant number of Americans are not behind our elected government's war against them, and if they hold out long enough we will go away. We call our president a liar and compare him to the world's most despicable characters, past and present. If we were to say the same about our neighbors we would be sued.

We divulge to the terrorists, and then protest, our government's effort to listen in on the terrorist's phone conversations and to follow his financial transactions. When we do catch one, we fight to prevent our interrogators from using reasonable methods to get information about his plans.

We demonstrate against our treatment of terrorists, but not about the terrorists' kidnapping and beheading of our citizens. We "Monday morning quarterback" the plans of the president and our military leaders to fight terrorism, but we cannot agree on a better plan.

We quote the First Amendment to justify our actions. Although most of this may be political, such actions smack of aiding and abetting the terrorists. It certainly doesn't help America win this war.

Bob Stover
Alexander City
Of course, Mrs. Stover misrepresents the philosopher W. T. McLAUGHsaLotNot identified as a cartoon character, but he still makes a lot of valid points. Also from the MA, is this encouraging letter:

Stop encouraging our enemies:

There are a lot of people, some powerful and rich, who have gotten on TV and condemned our president, our government, the war in Iraq and many other things connected to Republicans. Their sour-grapes attitude and their desire to have their say are not helping anyone.


The soldiers have access sometimes to TV, newspapers and other means of communication, and they, too, hear these remarks. This does nothing but further put them in harm's way by taking their minds off the job they are there to do.

The enemy has access to the news from our country, too. To hear our own citizens and politicians, as well as entertainment people, put this war and our president down further fuels their desire to do us harm.

Some of these naysayers claim to love this country. If so, why don't they use their influence to help someone who needs it, or by at least keeping their mouths shut. Yeah, I know we have freedom of speech, but there is also responsibility that goes with it. We are in the middle of a war. For heaven's sake, stop giving our enemies something to smile about.

Patricia Taylor


Mr. Taylor brings up some good points, not the least of which is that our soldiers should not have access to TV and newspapers, at least until we get this traitorous liberal media under control. Maybe we shouldn't give the terrorist access to our news either, and the only way to do this is to shut the press down. Our very freedom depends on shutting down the liberal media and shutting up people who disagree with our president.

Well, America, I hope that me and my fellow patriots have convinced you to see the error of your ways so that you never have the sick demonic urge to vote Democratic ever again. Remember our freedom is at stake, and if preserving it means stripping the voting rights from half of America, so be it.

One glorious day you'll thank me for it, and when that time comes America, your welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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