Sunday, November 26, 2006

More Americans are Getting in On the Bitch Slapping of the Electorate

Dear America,
As I said previously, I will cease bitch-slapping you for allowing terrorist sympathizers control of our Federal Legislators. But that doesn't mean I won't reprint some bitch-slapping from other freedom loving patriots.

So True:

'Real comics'

The Democrats are real comics. Since they won a few seats in the House and Senate, their leaders, Sen. Harry Reid and Rep. Nancy Pelosi, are asking the President to engage in bipartisanship.

Where have they been for the past six years when the President needed them?

They ignored the needs of the country and spent their time complaining and trashing.


Louisville 40241

Liberals will scream upon reading that "they were ignored by the Republican leadership" or "they were marginalized", as if they expected clear thinking conservatives, untainted by fallacious liberal thinking, to do anything but marginalize and ignore the stupid liberals. That is what they are elected to do.

I thought this next guy was actually a liberal but then I realized he is trying to be sarcastic. NOTE TO CONSERVATIVES: Leave the sarcasms to pompous Hollywood liberal elitess. This is one of the few areas where liberals naturally excel over conservatives that doesn't involve sodomy and handing out welfare to lazy people. You see, sarcasm is too much like lieing for conservatives to be good at.

Hallelujah! Liberals are in charge, tax hikes, pass for illegals assured (Non-Subscribers can suck it)

Glory! Hallelujah! Praise the electorate! Happy days are here again! The Liberals (whoops — Democrats) are back in control! Oh, the sheer joy of it all! Higher taxes, amnesty for illegals, much ado about nothing and no concensus on anything! “Pack up the babies, grab the old ladies and everyone go (with sincere apologies to Neil Diamond) to Sister Pelosi’s traveling salvation show.” Our redemption draweth nigh! Guest Preachers: Brothers Kennedy, Reid, Dean and surprise guests. Be very careful what you pray (wish) for. Sometimes the wanting is far better than the having.


Especially, if you are making minimum wage and get displaced when it is raised by the Democrats in January, he should have added.

It don't stop there:

Yarmuth's `crawfishing'

It's already starting. John Yarmuth is crawfishing away from the East End bridge.


Besides letting all of Bush's tax cuts expire (essentially raising taxes on all of us), forcing our brave military to 'put their tails between their legs' and run home from Iraq (like his hero Clinton did at Mogadishu), you can count on 20 million illegal Mexicans being made immediate citizens. And there won't be any new fence, either.

I just hope all who voted for Yarmuth and the other liberals realize what you have turned loose on all of us, all because of hatred for President Bush.


Crestwood, Ky. 40014

I wish he would have attributed which liberal sponsored the legislation he quotes that forces our military to 'put their tails between their legs', but I will just assume it was John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, John Murtha or Hillary. It would have been nice to know for sure though.

But I found Mr. BlandFord's letter particularly inspiring because I could draw from it paralells in my own life from it. See my tags have expired on my car. When a cop finally stops me to tell me about it, I will just ask him why he wants to raise my taxes. I was paying this amount, then I effectively payed a lower amount, then they will expect me to pay more than I was. That is a tax increase! Of course, the liberals down at the KSP probably won't see it that way.

Ivory Tower Liberal Elites refer to the rhetorical style of the following letter as an ad hominem logical fallacy. That is just liberalspeak meaning that it is true and they can't argue with the facts.

'World War III'

If all those opposed to the Iraq war had lived in 1943, we'd be speaking Japanese.

Iraq is a strategic target for Iran and Syria in establishing control of all Middle East oil. Then they can destroy America by refusing to sell oil to America.

You may not admit it, but since the bombing of the Marine barracks in Lebanon and all subsequent attacks on America, we are in World War III.


Louisville 40220

I have to disagree with the last part of Stich, Dick's argument though because the Lebanon bombing happened when Reagan was President. It portrays him as weak and he shouldn't have brought it up except in the context of the Democrats being in control of Congress then too.

Sorry to have to do it to you America, but I feel like I have to keep on you, so that 2 years from now you don't make the same mistakes again. When that day comes and you have shown yourself to be trustworthy of something as serious as voting, you will realize your folly. You will thank me, Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire, when that day comes and for that, America, you are welcome.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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