Friday, November 17, 2006

I Can't Help Myself, You Had Me at Hello

Dear America,
I know we've been through some rough times here lately, me with my impotent typing fingers and you with your yellow cut and run Democrat streak festering like some cancerous disease. I know I need to get back on the right track of righting your errant course. Here is my humble attempt at doing that.

You may not have heard about the latest lurid scandal from the Democrats involving the very rich ex-Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards, or as one of my new favorite conservative writers calls him "silver spoon liberal...little Johnny Edwards" and says about his political record:
"Wait a minute. I thought John Edwards was going to make Superman walk again. Oh yeah, he died!"
I think that is SO funny. Anyway, Edwards apparently sent some maccacan 'campaign worker' to stand in line for him to get a PlayStation 3 at Wal-Mart and now there is this big story about it. Whatever, just so you get that in the full context of what my new favorite conservative writer says, here is his whole post:
" Wait a minute. I thought John Edwards was going to make Superman walk again. Oh yeah, he died!

So, another silver spoon liberal is to be thrust upon America in the form of little Johnny Edwards. Isn't that special!

This reminds me of Nancy Pelosi, the leftist from CA who allegedly stands up for the union people yet hires illegals to work on her Napa Valley Vineyards and the union fools still vote for her, or liberals who whine about SUVs yet fly all over in their private jets.

The hypocrisy from the left never ends, never."
I knew when I read that, I was in the virtual company of greatness. I knew, fingers be damned, that I, Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire, had to post again. It is the encouragement of people like this that keep me going. So here is my followup to his inspiring words.
It always surprises me when Democrats do not change party affiliations once they get some money. It just makes sense that once you have something worth protecting from the excessive taxation of the liberals, you would do all that you could to protect your assets from being stripped from you and given to welfare queens, (the Regainesque, Cadillac-driving kind, not homosexuals in drag).

I suspect that in Edwards case, it is because he is a lawyer and the fortunes he receives from the lack of tort reform more than offset his parties' huge tax increases.

I am actually surprised that Edwards didn't actually get a gay illegal immigrant terrorist to stand in line for the game console instead of a campaign worker. Or maybe in the case of Edwards am I being redundant and they are always one and the same.

Yes, all Democrats should be walking or riding bicycles everywhere they go, just like their major funders, the Chinese, or they are hypocrites. Horses are not an option either because their flatulence also supposedly causes the so called global warming.

Finally, I, like Mr. So & So, am glad to see Superman dead. I think his powers were too strong to have been concentrated in one man, and the temptation to be corrupted by all that unchecked power is all too great, unless of course that one man is George W. Bush.

But I can't fault Pelosi for hiring illegals now. As I understand it, snooty Californians don't have the calloused hands for picking grapes. However, when she passes the Federally Mandated Wage Increase and puts all those poor people out of work, they can then go take the illegal's place picking grapes, because the illegals won't be able to climb that fence that is going to be built on the border.

Everybody Wins! At least until the terrorist attack us because they were emboldened by our election results.
As soon as I hit the publish button I felt invigorated! And I hold out hope, that somewhere deep down in your Democratically controlled congressional mind, maybe deep, dark down in the reptilian core of your brain, I can possibly reach the non Democratically-controlled part of you that wants to remain alive, and alive in that non-slave way the liberals want you to exist in.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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