Friday, July 06, 2007

Question: Are Liberals Really to Blame For Our Immigration Woes? Answer: Abso-freekin'-lutely.

Dear America,
I recently commented on the immigration debate and tried to engage one of my fellow conservatives, one Mr. Red Rage Hate Monger. This was concerning a bill introduced in Kentucky to penalize those that hire illegal immigrants.
red rage hate monger had this to contribute...

I noticed today that there's hundreds of them that come out at dusk and hang out at all these new county parks around the state.

The county sheriffs ignore them instead of rounding them up and shipping them back to California to the liberals that turned them loose on us to begin with.

I replied:
Come now, Red Rage Hate Monger, do you really think there are enough gainfully employed or business owning liberals to have "turned them loose on us"? That would imply they were not sitting around on their sofas, smoking the dope, and waiting on their welfare checks to arrive from the federal government. Nope, they are coming here to work for people who have jobs to offer, and conservatives are the only choice between liberals and conservatives when it comes to owning a business that involves hiring people and doesn't involve hemp string and beads.

Liberals just want to hand out checks, they don't actually want to "pay" money in exchange for labor because it is so against the grain of the communistic and aetheistic ideal that they are striving for, so naturally they are not suited to owning businesses.

While we can certainly blame liberals for wanting to give illegal immigrants hugs and free money, they are actually "unleashed" by conservative business owners fighting to keep wages down so that we consumers don't have to pay as much for our goods.

What we need to do is to try and make Americans happier with less money and lower standards of self-actualization. Only when Americans are happy making the same thing they did thirty years ago, will conservative business owners not have to resort to hiring illegals to keep the unions out of their workforce.

When an illegal gets hurt on the job, you just pay him for the day and then send him on his way, hopefully back to Mexico, but probably down to the nearest schoolyard to sell reefers to the little children. When it's an American, you have to worry about lawsuits, worker's compensation, then you have to find a way to fire them that doesn't look like it was just because they had outlived their use fullness.

But the more I think about it, the more I see the whole immigration problem actually IS the fault of liberals, cause they had liberal activists judges and labor union lobbiests make it harder to employ Americans by defining some onerous standards about how workers can be treated. With all the rules and regulations heaped upon the poor small businessman by liberals in our government, it is no wonder that the noble people running America's business have turned to dirty and unclean Mexicans that they are in no way accountable for.

BTW, most of these Mexicans are Papists, who bow to a Roman dictator. Their allegiance is not to the US or even Mexico, but to this theistic despot with over a billion followers under his command. Here we have a world leader who supports terrorists by saying we should stop killing them, and pull out of Iraq. I can only hope that our troops are not allowed to be demoralized by that man's words. Perhaps he should be next on Pat Robertson's list of leaders to "Take-Out", right behind Chavez.
So for reminding those that Know Nothing about what this debate is all about, your welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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