Monday, September 25, 2006

Klinton made Chris Wallace his Bitch or How I Got Disappointed by Fox News for the First Time

Dear America,
I have never been ashamed of Fox News and love their unslanted take on the news. It is so refreshing to get news that is not being reported by impoverished newspaper reporters looking for a government handout. You can not really fault the press really, given that journalists are really just a college degree from slinging frys at some fast food joint. Few have the substantial investment portfolios that will give them any significant buy-in to the proper ideals about how the government should be run.

But FOX has tried to remedy this and does a real good job of it. That is until last Sunday. Supposedly "seasoned" journalist Chris Wallace had his ass handed to him on a plate by the Enemy of All that is Good and Decent, former (thankfully) president Bill Clinton. Clinton displayed the same rage he probably displayed when he ordered the hits on those people he had killed, which some liberals dispute.

Bill Orielly or Shawn Hannity wouldn't have let that happen. Our Bill would have simply just cut the microphone of THEIR Bill. Problem solved, liberal spew suspended. But Chris just let himself get steamrolled. Klinton even says several times that he was a failure and Wallace failed to run with THAT. If Wallace can't handle being intimidated by this misogynist "Cut and Runner" how can we expect him to stand up to other liberals who don't have the specter of being a convicted perjurist hanging over their heads?

Really, if you would lie to a grand jury looking into your financial dealings about cheating on your wife, you would lie about anything. That is what I would have said. But I am not Chris Wallace, and thankfully Chris Wallace is not Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire, because that would make me a pussy.

Fox News, show this weak knee-ed whiner to the door.

For pleading your case America, Your Welcome. Anytime.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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