Sunday, September 10, 2006

My Apologies

Dear America,

I just wanted to say that I am sorry, I have been neglecting you this week. It all started out with that American socialist holiday that was forced upon us, recognizing “the worker” (where have we heard that kind of talk before?), which really only breeds the deadly sin of sloth. Labor day just says to the terrorists “Hey, We are gonna have a holiday that celebrates what we are supposed to be doing every day of the too-short-already work week”. To paraphrase Hollywood degenerate Chris Rock (in LiberalSpeak) “That is what your supposed to do, you Edipusly-incestuous Democrat. What would you desire as a reward? A delectable baked shortbread, perhaps?”*

Labor day is an unfounded mandate forced upon us by Democrats, who are merely throwing a bone to their non-welfare-collecting “constituents” who lack the gumption to own their own businesses and be Republicans or save up their personal days when they want a three day weekend. No they want the government to mandate when they can get paid for doing nothing. In case you didn’t catch the earlier innuendo, any holiday celebrating “the worker” can only be Communistic in its origins.

Labor day is a holdover from before McCarthy exposed all the Communists who had infiltrated our government. These Communist infiltrators from all the way back to the Cleveland administration were the ones who first thrust this abomination upon us. It serves the same purpose as the Communist Holiday “May Day” on May First, but was changed to a date preferred by a specific secret organization to a day in September, probably to hide it’s Communistic Origins.

This organization was none other than the Knights of Labor( One look at their symbol and you can immediately notice its similarity to the Satanic Pentagram. Another clue that they were bad news is that they automatically excluded bankers, lawyers, and stockholders because they were considered “unproductive members of society”, instead of members of the “ownership society”.

If the Communist who live among us must force the burden of this so called “holiday” on the rest of us to bear, perhaps they should foot the bill for the lost worker productivity, the lack of government services, and the barbequed hot dog induced obesity that all of the “unproductive members of society” have to endure once a year for their cause. That would shut them up.

For smacking down the Communistic supporters of Labor Day, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,

Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

* Mr. Rock would probably say something like “That’s what the hell your supposed to do, m0th3rfu(ker. You want a cookie or something?” but I didn’t want to quote that to keep this blog family-friendly.

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