Thursday, September 28, 2006

Some Notable Posts in Other Blogs

Dear America,
Yesterday Shelley The Republican writer Tristan J. Shuddery, A True Conservative Hero, had a wonderful expose of Martin Luther King's Republican roots, as presented by the National Black Republicans Association. The article mentioned however that he went to Memphis to support striking santitation workers. I posted the following comment seeking clarification:

As always I enjoyed your conservative wisdom with this article, however I do wish you would clarify one thing. If MLK was in Memphis to “to support striking sanitation workers”, wouldn’t that put him in league with a labor union, which we all know are backed by soulless Communists?

I cannot think of any Republican who would not tell workers that if they didn’t like the pay they were getting they should just get another job.

For Liberals out there reading, you probably need a history lesson:
Since the dawn of time until the beginning of the 20th century, employers were free to use any means necessary to prevent their employees from obstructing their pursuit of capitalism. Then Communist infiltrators started forming labor unions and convincing employees they should have some say in the way they were treated and paid, instead of finding another job where their “self-actualization might be realized”. Democ-rats, of course, just saw fundraising opportunities for their Godless platform and candidates by aligning themselves with these haters of Capitalism.

I certainly do not mean to contradict you Tristan. Our ‘party of inclusion’ has no place for dissidents, but others might have noticed this seeming contradiction as well, and we all know what the devil can do with a little bit of doubt, especially in the simple minded head of a Liberal. So please clarify that point for them.

Once again, thanks for all your good work.

Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Tristan graciously replied and all was clear.

In another blog, my favorite commentor on Kentucky Politics (who doesn't suck like Mark Nickolas), KY Progress, had a post about the liberals pandering to the weaker sex for votes. This of course brings the liberals slithering out of the woodwork, with some anonymous liberal cowardshrilly whining:
The fact is 9 Republican legislators believe that women do not deserve equal pay for equal work.

That is wrong!!
Cry me a river. Luckily a fellow conservative nkWiseOne straightens them out:
Here is another way of looking at it anon 6:37. A person (man or woman), negotiates with an employer for an hourly rate. There is an agreement between them. It goes as follows:

"You offer me X for every hour I work. I accept X."


If you as an employee find X to be unacceptable, then don't accept the job. Again simple.

The employee is trying to get as much as possible, in theory. The employer is trying to pay as little as possible. Come to an agreement, and there it is.

Now, why do women get paid less? I don't know. Furthermore, I'm not sure I care. If they want to be paid as much or more than the guy next to her, then she should demand it. If she can't get it, she should take her skills elsewhere.

KY Progress can barely explain "the best way to hurt poor people and women is to mandate their wages", before another liberal troll fed-up spews the following dadist nonsense:
why shouldn't women get equal wages... bad economics for who the ceo's that cant justify their salaries
Thats when I came in for the great liberal smackdown:
You are absolutely correct, nkWiseOne and KY Progress. Employers are already burdened with having to pay minorities the same as white people or Jews and Mormons the same as Christians for fear of bringing the wrath of Democrat-supporting trial lawyers.

Until the day men start having babies and taking a federally mandated 90 day vacation everytime they squeeze one out, this legislation is unneccesary. You just can't depend on women like you can men for this specific reason and that is why they get paid more. They are actually working on the job longer, not running off at 5 oclock to get to soccer practice.

And Fed-up06, CEO's are hired in pretty much the same way that nkWiseOne outlined. If the board members, democratically elected by a companies shareholders, don't think they are worth it, they just find another CEO. It is because most CEOs, being Republican and hence not looking for a handout, do not sell themselves short, like the average pod who settles for a minimum wage job, that they make big piles of cash.

For setting these poor-hurting liberals straight, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

PS. And Liberals...How about you all stop wasting my time and take an economics class? If you need a reason to step on a college campus, take a theatre class so you can hook up with sodomites for your devient sex orgies, whatever it takes to insprire you to learn some Econ 101.


Tristan J. Shuddery said...

Rob, you are a true conservative and a keen minded thinker. Have you ever considered submitting an article or an instructive feature to Shelley's site. I think we are fast becoming the True conservative's answer to the Huffington Post.

We would love to have you aboard, plus we are happy for you to use it as an opportunity to promote your own excellent blog.

Respectfully yours in Christ,

Tristan J. Shuddery

Kentucky Progress said...


While I don't approve officially approve of what you are doing, I want to congratulate you on doing it artfully. I was rolling on the floor after fedup06 called you a Nazi.

Rob. R. Baron said...

Mr. Progress, that means a lot to me coming from you. It truly does. I enjoy you blog more than you could possibly know.

Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Rob. R. Baron said...

Thank you Tristan, Shelley the Republican is quite an inspiration to me and I am sincerely honored that you link to me as one of Shelley's Friends.

I would love to submit something to STR. The next time that I feel sufficiently inspired with something Shelley-Worthy, I will be sure to let you know.

Respectufully as well,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esqire