Friday, August 18, 2006

Liberal Limbo II

Dear America,
More on C-J's weak moment of fair and balancedness. Children please leave the room. Some sick vicious liberal is attacking a dead man like some brain eating zombie:
Reaganomics 'shame'

I read with interest the "Liberals' responsibility" letter regarding homelessness. Its bent is very distorted.

The Great Society did not result in homelessness in America. As usual, conservatives have their heads in the sand about their role in creating America's shame, homelessness.

Reaganomics and, more specifically, the Gramm-Rudman Act were the architects. The HUD budget was cut by 75 percent, gutting public housing and practically eliminating Section 8 ( we are still not back to the levels lost), and community services block grants and work programs suffered major cuts.
... [Some Liberal Insanity Removed]

Barbara Icohahi

How low will they go indeed. If Reagan was so bad, why would we name the nation's flagship airport after him.

Another liberal smacked down, and your welcome America. Sweet dreams and Good night, and don't you let the liberals bite.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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