Thursday, August 10, 2006

John McCain: A Liability to the Conservative Movement?

Dear America,
Fellow conservative blogger KY Progress posted this blurb about John McCain appearing at Reception to benefit Kentucky Republican Senate Trust:
"Senator John McCain (R-AZ) will speak at a fundraiser for the KY Senate Republican Trust on Monday September 25, 2006."

This got me thinking about John McCain in general.

I fear how John McCain could possibly hurt the conservative movement. The problem is that he, and soon his own son, has served in the military. Liberals hate everyone who served in the military and have been known to form vicious PACs to defame the military records of those that have served and stand in their way. They say "He's the reason they invented fragging" and other such hateful things. I fear it is only a matter of time before they come after him, maybe even with Jane Fonda herself.

Of course there are so many other conservative war heros representing us in Washington, hopefully the liberals will take a while before they get to him.

Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~Esquire

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