Friday, August 18, 2006

Great Society My A$$

Dear America,
The Courier Journal is like a bunch of liberal snakes unleashed upon a host of unwitting passengers that are the citizens of the plane that is our great Commonweath. Surprisingly though, they let a few gems of conservative wisdom through. Take for instance the Letter to the Editor that brave conservative patriot Robert sent them:

Liberals' responsibility

Why are we worried about the plight of single mothers? Your "Great Society" liberal Democratic president, Lyndon B. Johnson, gave all the young girls a welfare check when they had a baby and increased it with every baby.

Looks like the crisis was created by the liberal Democrats, but, surely, they couldn't have been wrong.

Robert ...
Liberty, KY


Preach it Brother Robert. Preach it. However, it was not long before the fountain of Liberal vile spews forth and some anonymous liberal coward post in the Story Chat section:

I guess we are worried about the plight of single mothers because of the absence of 'stand up men' who won't take responsibility for what they helped create. [Some liberal insanity removed] Maybe we can all rally together and start locating some of those deadbeat non-custodial parents on the list published Sunday in the C-J (just do a search for 'child support on the C-J, you can get the list there). If we can get some of them to step up, we can eliminate those pesky welfare payments!!!! Do your part, Mr .... start searching those last known addresses and try to collect the money on behalf of those children... then you won't have to worry so much about where your tax money is going!!!!


My fellow conservatives, and faithful readers, I have a confession to make, one that I am not proud of. When I was younger, there was a dark time of youthful indescretion in my personal life where I was sequestered at one of the ivory tower, liberal elitist indoctrination centers that David Horowitz describes in one of his latest exposés. I am ok now and it is something I try not to think of but it does qualify me to interpret liberal~speak. This is the profanity-censored analysis of what this one is really saying:

Frist, of course, there are the run-on sentences and the mispellings but it goes downhill from there. Next, there is the excusing of the harlotry, then there is blaming the victims whose only crime was to have testicles and "partaking" in the "milk" said harlots were giving away for free, followed by the call to vigilantee-ism, and finally repeating the liberal mantra of "don't ask questions about what we do with YOUR money after we take it from you," which is an idea born from the abominable and unnatural marriage of Feminazi-ism and Anarchy, and THIS is it's bastard child.

I am sorry for these women only in that they were probably not exposed to a decent faith based Abstinence Only class when they were in school.

But I was encouraged in that the CJ had actually had the California-Prefixed, Keeping-Up-with-Wannabees** to print such a choice conservative nugget of wisdom in the first place. Then I realized that, it being an election year, the liberal overlords in charge down there must have been out at some Democratic fundraiser helping the terrorists aquire domestic targets or promoting the gay agenda in our public schools.

For allowing me the chance to redeem the languistic centers of my brain that cannot be safely labotomized of liberal~speak, tonight America, I Thank You.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

*No, A_____ This Is Not Me, I Swear
** California-Prefixed, Keeping-Up-with-Wannabees = CA-JONES [remove slash] (to keep this blog family-friendly I didn't want to explicitly use the Mexinvader word for testicles).

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