Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Evilutionists are Wrong Again, "Hobbits" are Really Just Pygmies

Dear America,
Part I|Part II

Evilutionists are proved wrong once again. The absence of hairy feet should have clued them in. How much more will they have to be proved wrong about before Darwin becomes a footnote in scientific history like the alchemists and astrologists of yore. Much to the chagrin of liberals everywhere, I am going to expose Evilution as the widespread secular fundamentalist conspiracy that it is.

Frist, they got the Marxist college professors to sign on. Second, they indoctrinated the socialist teacher unions and educrats. Third, the educrats instituted the requirement of more and more liberal indoctrination and soon almost every non-private school teacher was subjugated. Then they turned their attention to the kids. Frist step for the students was to keep them from praying, which left them wide open for the spiritual assault of the godless secular cognitive dissonance that passes for public education these days. Remove all competitive inclinations to succeed, like grades, and replace it with a lot of feel-good, politically correct, brain-mushing, "Johnny Has Two Daddies" gobbledy-gook.

This is what has come to pass. The next phase, yet to be, will be the UN mandated outlawing of religion, and not just the false ones such as the one the Hollywood liberal disciples of a certain Science-Fiction-Writer-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named follow, or the one the polygamists follow. Or Episcopalians. And that other "religion of peace" religion that has got me too scared to even name for fear of being mistaken for a Van Gogh or worse, one of their own raped sisters or daughters. Lets just call them the Anti-Semitic Bacon Haters (to distinguish them from the Original Bacon Haters).

Anyway, then they come for our guns and once we are defenseless they impose a world government with the black helicopters. Everybody then has to get to get a barcode on their forehead or one of those microchips implanted that they are trying out on dogs and cats these days. [Their] Mission Accomplished.

Then it's game over, man. Game over. Unless your one of the lucky 143, 999. You know who you are. ;-)

Part I|Part II

Also along the lines of Evilution, the Wall Street Journal gave me the best news all week. Liberals aren't breeding. My guess is that the STDs that they catch in their deviant sex orgies has rendered a lot of them sterile. Of course the homosexuals can't breed. Many Liberals are on the run from the law for drug or sex offences or nonpayment of child support (a.k.a. the bastard tax) and can't set down roots long enough to have a family. That is if they were one of the few liberals not too selfish to stop thinking about only themselves. Face it, childbirth just doesn't fit into the "if it feels good, just do it" philosophy that liberals live by.

This is a good thing because as time progresses the genes of liberalism will be distilled into a smaller and smaller gene pool that will get more and more isolated over time. This will reinforce whatever mutations caused them to be born liberal and they will get ever increasingly pro-Abortion and family hating until one day they are no longer even recognizable as a human being any more. The accumulation of liberal genes will reach a point when they will no longer be able to even breed successfully with regular humans, but only with other degenerate liberals. We will see them then merely as another type of animal. Hopefully, there will be open season, just like most other varmits. Just Kidding (In that Ann Coulter kind of way).

For exposing Evilution for the Cold War Communistic LEFT-OVER that it is, Your Welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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