Thursday, June 14, 2007

Defending the Honor of Christopher Columbus

Dear America,
You may have noticed in my list of "Them", links there is one for "Suspected Liberal Sympathizer". This is a charity case that I have taken on, a poor dear deluded woman who thinks her place in life is to become one of those despicable people that David Horowitz is always trying to warn us against. I am afraid it is all for naught, as she, like you America, doesn't seem either capable or willing to do what is best for her. I normally just try to constructively prod her in the right direction, but it is mostly beating a dead horse. But still I try, like today when she had the audacity to link Columbus with genocide in a glib passing phrase. I was not having it.
Ms. Grimasburger,
You more than anyone should know that any correlation between Columnbus and genocide is simply the work of liberal Historical Revisionists and Ivory Tower Liberal Elites.

You probably don't watch Fox News so you are probably not aware that all this talk about genocide by Columbus is simply liberals trying to always depict white men as criminal degenerates, while at the same time elevating the relevance and accomplishments of minorities and women to a similar stature as those who actually built this country into what it is today.

This is so they can make the writings of Marx and Hitler equivalent to Madison and Jefferson and the books by the Marquis de Sade to be equivalent to the Bible.

Liberals, because they hate America for some self-loathing reason, want school children to think that our founding fathers were scumbags so they always talk about things like raping, killing, slavery, and locking women up in mental institutions for wanting to vote and not the steady march of progress that has brought us where we are today. Or rather to the 1950's when everything was right with America and everyone knew there place.

That was before the liberals had to stir things up, interloping into other people's voting standards, demoralizing our military, and perhaps worst of all, making contraception legal and decriminalizing sodomy.

Now they want us to not celebrate Columbus day! Well, I am here to tell you that this holiday means a great deal to our fellow Italian Americans, much as those Irish love the St. Patrick's Day (never mind that the lack of snakes available to hunt plague bearing rats probably brought more death to Ireland than snakes ever would have. Heck the Irish who die from alcohol poisoning on any given St. Patrick's day is probably more than would have ever died from snakebite.)

So while I wouldn't want any Italians living in my neighborhood (they are after all gangsters and papists who bow to a Roman dictator), I can not idly stand by and watch you smear this great segment of our population along with their greatest hero ( or rather their greatest hero who wasn't a fag).

And trust me, you don't want some WOPs pissed off at you. Especially if you breed race horses.
She later acknowledges my forsight:
Ah, Mr. Baron, you never let me down. Especially the part about the Marquis de Sade and the Bible. It's taken decades for anyone to discover it, but you've identified the most important secret foundations of the Liberal Atheist Homosexual Feminist agenda! Bravo!
I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

So for defending the discoverer of this country, even if he was 300 years too early to be a real American AND for discovering and exposing some of the lesser known but more nefarious underpinnings of liberalism, you are welcome America.

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire


YOU SUCK said...

I think you have adult retardation, do you seriously mean all that you right.

Rob. R. Baron said...

Not only do I mean all I right, I also write what I mean is right. Sometimes I write what I mean, from the right. Other times, I meanly write about what is right or not right. Then again, to right the Right with what I write is what I'm righteously writing for.

Now find me a retard, with such a talent for alliteration.

So in exchange for your psychological assessment of me, here is mine of you:

I think you have the mental disorder of liberalism that Michael Savage talks about. I bet you don't go on his blog and call him names, unless it's to call him "Daddy" right before you offer to make his holdover in Minnesota go by a little more pleasantly, ala "cottaging".