Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Woman Doing a Man's Work, Getting Paid Less, then Having the Balls to Say Something About It = Feminazism

Dear America,
I was reconnoitering the the diabolitry of suspected liberals when I came upon this one's latest rant on a recent Supreme Court decision. Yeah liberal, guess what? Activist Judges go both ways! Constitutional Constructionism is a bitch. Hope you enjoy having this shoved down your throat like I've had Gay Tolerance shoved down mine!

Mrs. Grimasburger, one thing you conveniently left out of the story was that the woman was on her period for a quarter of the time she worked there, at least until her womb dried up. I think that entitles her to 1/4 less pay.

You, being the Godless Secular Fundamentalist Ivory Tower Liberal Elite that you are, probably do not know that Bible identifies menstruating women as unclean and having sex with one is an abomination that is akin to having sex with another man. Men aren't even supposed to touch them.

But I would bet that not one man at that Goodyear plant ever complained about her defiling them one week out of each month and this is how she shows her gratitude. With lawsuits.

Since I have come over hear to school you on the conservative perspective let me also take this opportunity to comment on your previous post on "the pill".

The problem with the pill and with the HPV vaccine and even with convenient availability of condoms is this: Women are whores. By there very nature if they could just go around having sex without fear of disease or childbirth, they would be going at it like rabbits all the time with anybody and whoever comes along.

Pat Robertson has already exposed this whole feminism and equal rights thing as something that makes woman want to leave their husbands, become lesbians, practice witchcraft and vote Democratic.

You are playing with fire.

May Hannity be praised and Colmes be damned!
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

Apparently, Ms. Grimsaburger saw some of the wisdom in my eneffable logic. She responded:
Mr. Baron, I can see that you and former Speaker Gingrich agree on one thing at least--women are unfit for most duties because of their "monthly hemorrhage" (Gingrich noted this specifically in reference to women in the military)...P.S. you've given me much to think about Re: witchcraft and lesbianism. Don't tell my priest or my husband, or me for that matter. Who knows what I'd do without the guiding influence of the patriarchy!
For straightening out the possibly-redeemable libs when I can, Your Welcome America!

Your Humble Servant,
Rob R. Baron ~ Esquire

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